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Brachytherapy Services
Your Customized Brachytherapy Staff Solution!

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality, most cost effective comprehensive Brachytherapy Service Support possible to all levels of the medical community.

The advanced cancer treatment called Brachytherapy consists of radioactive seeds or sources that are implanted in the tumor(s). This discriminatory approach concentrates high radiation doses to tumors while also reducing the dose to surrounding healthy tissues. The CPRS Team supports brachytherapy treatment for many types of cancer. Typical brachytherapy includes treatment for head, neck, prostate, breast, lung, cervix, uterine, anal, bile duct, and other areas of the body. For more information on how the CPRS Team can assist your cancer treatment procedures, please contact us at info@oncologymed.com.

Comprehensive Physics and Regulatory Services (CPRS) establishes and maintains high caliber prostate seed programs. The five elements of our programs are:

1. Establishment of Program:
CPRS will recommend and assist the client in the selection of all equipment and materials needed to establish a prostate seed program. This will include but is not limited to all of the following: Stepper stabilizer unit, Ultrasound unit, Treatment planning system, Seeds, Needles, and all ancillary equipment need for regulatory and safety compliance.

CPRS will assist with the procurement and maintenance of all federal and state regulatory issues such as license requests and amendments for all radioisotopes required for the program (I-125, Pd-103, etc.) In addition, CPRS will assist in the recommendation and selection of appropriate personnel such as authorized users and radiation safety officer (RSO). Finally, CPRS will assist in the writing of the Quality Management Program (QMP) and required procedures and safety documentation.


2. Dosimetry:
CPRS will provide all pre and post implant dosimetry. All dosimetry will be performed by a certified medical dosimetrist and reviewed by a certified medical physicist via remote service. In addition, a certified medical dosimetrist or physicist will be available during the day of the implant for assistance in real-time planning or changes in the pre-plan. At this time, unless otherwise requested, all plans will be performed on the Variseed, Prowess or Rosses Medical treatment planning systems.

3. Implant Preparation:
On approval of pre-plans by client physicians, CPRS will order or train client personnel to order seeds from a client selected vendor. CPRS will also train client personnel in the safety procedures for accepting, assaying and preparation of seeds prior to implant.

4. Safety:
CPRS will train client personnel in and provide documentation for the education of patients in radiation safety and post implant procedures. In addition, CPRS will provide regular radiation safety in-service training to client personnel as required by both federal and state agencies. Finally, CPRS will train client personnel in post implant radiation safety, survey and patient discharge procedures.

5. Miscellaneous:
CPRS will establish with or provide to the client all custom specific forms and documentation for performing all aspects of seed implants. These shall include but are not limited to; ordering forms, assay and safety forms, dosimetry forms, OR procedures (where applicable), post implant safety forms, patient and staff education forms.

CPRS will perform quarterly reviews of the program, which will include but are not limited to; chart reviews, inventory control, survey and safety reviews and personnel safety education and in-services.

Lastly, CPRS in conjunction with client personnel will perform an annual audit of charts as required by the quality management program (QMP).


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