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The CPRS Team

Collectively, our experience is Second to None in the industry!

The CPRS TEAM consists of industry professionals from many countries around the world. To better serve you, we leverage our global experience(s) through collaboration, professional development, training, technology, effective operations and communication. Our organizational structure is comprised of Physicist, Dosimetrist, Radiation Oncologists, Medical Technologists and Medical Business Consultants.

What this means to you is that the CPRS TEAM is committed to Quality & Regulatory Excellence in patient care and wellness. We will ensure that you receive full coverage of services anytime, anywhere. Help us help you improve your operations by integrating CPRS Team members into your Cancer Treatment Team.


William J. Walker, Ph.D., CHP, PE
President & CEO

Dr. Walker is President and Chief Executive Officer of Comprehensive Physics and Regulatory Services, Ltd. (CPRS). He is a professional medical physicist with 35 years of experience in clinical practice, research and program management. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute, an M.S. in Radiation Biophysics from the University of Kansas, and a Ph.D. from the University of Florida in Environmental Engineering (Medical Physics). He is certified by the American Board of Health Physics, licensed by the State of Florida as a Therapeutic Radiological Physicist and is a registered Professional Engineer. Dr. Walker retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1978 as a Lt. Col. and was the Chief of Medical Physics for a major USAF Medical Center. Following retirement from the Air Force, he headed the US Nuclear Regulatory Commissionís medical and academic licensing program and later was the Radiation Safety Officer and Radiation Safety Program Director for the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland, the largest such program of itís kind in the world. He is the author of numerous papers on medical and health physics and has made many professional presentations. He currently serves as a corporate officer and member of the Board of Directors of Advanced Oncology Network, Inc. He is also a member of the Boards of Directors of Eureka Cancer Treatment Centre, Ltd. and Universal Healthcare Management Systems, Inc.

Mitchell Jarosz, M.S., DABR
Senior Vice President, Director of Physics

Mr. Jarosz received his BS in physics from Duquesne University and attended the Carnegie Mellon Institute for his MS in Radiological Physics. He worked as a staff physicist at St. Francis Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA for 16 years where he gained experience in commissioning and maintaining various types of radiation therapy equipment including: Superficial, orthovoltage, brachytherapy, HDR, Cobalt 60, various linear accelerators, and a rotational 25 MV betatron with 4 to 25 MeV electrons. His experience includes beam data collection, entry and commissioning of treatment planning computers including: ADAC, Multimedia, CMS and Medicalibration PC3D. He is experienced in performing diagnostic calibrations on various x-ray systems including R/F. CT (GE, Elscint, Siemens and Picker), dental, ultrasound and mammography units. Experience in nuclear medicine includes a number of scintillation gamma cameras and a dual head SPECT system. He is qualified to perform regulatory compliance testing for the NRC, PA DEP, MQSA and ACR. He has established quality assurance programs and physics protocols for a number of centers for a variety of treatment modalities. He has held course of instruction in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine for residents and technologists. He is a member of the ABR, HPS, ACR, AAPM and ASTRO. Mr. Jarosz joined CPRS in 1992 as a staff physicist was subsequently made Regional Director of Physics and has recently been promoted to VP, Operations, Director of Physics.

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