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Innovation in Providing Medical Physics and Internet Treatment Planning to the Radiation Oncology Community. The Industry Leader in ON-LINE Dosimetry.

Dosimetry Support & Remote Treatment Planning

Medical Physics Support

Comprehensive Physics & Regulatory Services, Ltd. (CPRS) pioneered the use of the internet for clinical radiation oncology treatment planning. This service was initiated ten years ago in an effort to provide cost effective treatment planning by sharing resources between cancer centers. CPRS is one of the only commercially available treatment planning services using the Internet, a service currently provided to numerous cancer centers around the country.

CPRS provides a full range of the highest quality, most cost-effective medical physics services to support the radiation oncology community. CPRS services include full and part time, on-site physics, quality assurance, acceptance and commissioning services, and treatment planning. CPRS also recognizes the need to provide high cost technology expert option app through shared services. CPRS’s expertise in imaging technology made CPRS the first to provide Internet based 2D, 3D and brachytherapy treatment planning (ONLINE TPSSM).

Our ONLINE TPSSM meets the highest standards required to ensure Patient confidentiality as well as regulatory compliance at an affordable cost.


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